and you have a pizza


Hyrule Warriors is game of the year and I don’t even have a Wii U.

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i didn’t reread that, don’t judge my grammar if there’s a mistake or something

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She saw the beauty in everything.

She saw the beauty in everything.

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one thing i’m noticing in tokyo ghoul is this association with reading and being good/redeemable. books allow the ghouls to feel empathy, which is lost by those who are “evil” to the main characters (ghouls and humans). 

even riza who was pretty evil enjoyed reading novels, and when she appears as a vision to ken, she guides him and helps him break free

or the gourmet, who bonded with ken over the experience that books provide, went to aid him when the plan to retrieve him came about

and when you look at the two siblings touka and ayato, touka holds on to the memories of her father which includes him reading to them, while ayato discards those memories and is thereby corrupted 

it seems that to read literature is the ultimate act in this series, and is a trait required of those who want to bring about a new world order. which is a pretty intelligentsia idea but that’s not really surprising considering the author’s clear admiration for literature 

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the italics make it ghosty

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*whispers into the night*

i didn’t really like steel ball run all that much anywayyyyyy

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